Challenge Quilt 2012 Update

I have been working on the Challenge Quilt 2012.  I thought that I had the blocks for the middle of the quilt finished, but as the photograph shows I still need one more block.

Can you see my mistake?  Far right, third row down should be a black shoo fly block instead of a colored shoo fly block.  Oh well, back to the sewing machine.

I had two guidelines starting this project – add only one other fabric (the black background) and use all the squares from the baggie on the quilt front.  The January 15th post shows a picture of the fabric squares.  I have used about half of the fabric squares so far, but the ones that are left are multi-colored fabric which will make for an interesting pieced border.

All in all, I am happy with the color changes through the quilt top.   Some of the changes are not quite as smooth as I would wish, but they are the best I could do with the colors on hand.

First things first – fix that block.


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