Sep 15 2014

Design Wall Monday 09-15-14

Good Grief – Is September half over already?  It doesn’t seem possible.

This is a view of my hexie project box last week.

091514   (1024x768)The very last hexie was added, the project appliqued to the background fabric, and a quilt sandwich made.  The next step is deciding on the quilting motif for it.

091514A  (794x1024)While I am making that decision, I started on some Spiderweb blocks using the free pattern from Bonnie Hunter’s website.

091514B  (1024x527)I really like the black and white strip between the kite shapes and the strings.  There was one yard of the yellow middle fabric and I was able to cut enough kites to make 30 blocks.  This is a perfect pattern for just feeding fabric through the machine which appeals to me right now.

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5 Responses to “Design Wall Monday 09-15-14”

  1. Ramona says:

    Great Hexie quilt. Your border fabric is beautiful. I really like the black and white stripe in your blocks, too! Fun!!

  2. Oh, I think that b/w stripe is fun. I love spider web quilts. Hexies are nice too.

  3. Karen says:

    I’m making a spider web quilt right now too, but I like your black and white fabric better tan mine. Now I guess I’ll have to make another!!

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