Jun 28 2014

Hexies & More

Slow and steady has been the progress on the hexie wallhanging.  I am over half way finished and very pleased with it.

062814   (844x1024)All of the flowers are completed, now I need to work on the outer ring and the pathway.  The plan is to go along the bottom, up the left side and then across the top.  It is a great watching movies project.

I also completed the machine quilting on the charity quilt.  The person who pieced the top is going to put on the binding.

062814A  (768x1024)This is the first time that I machine quilted a top that I did not make.

What is your definition of UFO?  In the quilting world UFO stands for UnFinished prOject, but the exact nature of a UFO is very individual.  A quilter in my guild believes that fabric wrapped around a pattern is a UFO, but I consider that a self-made kit.  Some quilters define a UFO as any project started that is not a finished quilt.

Personally I break the quilt making process into two stages.  Any project with material cut or sewn is a UFO until it is a quilt top.  The quilt top is a finished object – they don’t take up as much space as a quilt and they are wonderful when you need a quilt in a short amount of time.

However once the quilt sandwich has been made, it is a UFO until it has been quilted, bound and labeled.

So, what is your definition of UFO?


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  1. Libby in TN says:

    I use the same methodology/terminology.

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