Tooth Trauma

The five phases of losing your first tooth.
1. Get a loose tooth and wiggle it for a couple of days.
2. Wrestle daddy and very unexpectedly your tooth will fall out.
3. Freak out and cry for 10 solid minutes because your parents did not prepare you for what would happen when your tooth fell out. Yell over and over that daddy broke your tooth and keep handing it to mommy so she can fix it.
4. Look online at pictures of other kids with missing teeth so you can see how cool it is.
5. When you’re finally feeling better about your missing tooth, smile and tell your parents that now you want a gold tooth there.

JP My oldest daughter sent me this email and picture.  I know that she is a very talented lady, but I don’t think that “fixing a tooth” is on her resume.What a blessing grandchildren are!Grandma Marlene

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