Adventure With Invisible Thread

I had quite the adventure quilting with invisible thread.  I checked out several sources on the internet for tips & hints, I used polyester monofilament thread instead on nylon, the correct needle size was in the HQ16, the top tension was loosened – but nothing worked.  After spending an hour loosening and tightening the top & bottom tensions with no results, I was seriously considering stuffing the quilt into a closet and starting a new piecing project.

But once I cooled down, I decided that I had nothing to lose by trying the tread on my Bernina with the stitch regulator.  Success!

041014    (1024x753) It seems that I spent more time trying to get the correct tension than I did actually machine quilting.  I made notes on all the settings on the Bernina so that next time it will be easier.

The goal for tonight is to finish the hand sewing of the binding and sleeve.

041014A  (1024x768)Quilt guild is this Saturday and I want to have it done for Show and Tell.


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