Thoughts on UFOs

I have been machine quilting on the Split-9 Patch quilt.  The quilting was started late last year, but it had to be put aside to make a quilt for a Christmas gift. 021514    (1024x761)I am practicing feathers in the light portions and let me just say that I need more practice.  The feather look pretty good – from 5 feet away.

While I am quilting, I have been thinking about UFOs.  Recently there have been quite a few blog posts regarding UFOs with a lot of good ideas for getting control of unfinished projects.

A year ago I decided on these rules.

1) A quilt top is not a UFO.  However, a quilt sandwich is.

2) Any quilt project started has to be completed – either as a top or a finished bound quilt.

3) UFOs make good leader/ender projects.

4) Try to alternate a new project with an older one.

My goal is to slowly finish my UFOs without adding any new ones.  So following these rules and since I had just completed a new project, UFO Easy Street is on the design wall.

021514B  (1024x775)I think this quilt became a UFO because of the size and the length of time it took to sew one block.  So I decided to make this quilt twin-sized so the layout will be 3 x 4 instead of 4 x 4.  There will be leftover units, but that is okay.

I have been sewing sub-units together and then putting the block together as a 9 patch.  My progress seems much faster doing it this way.

When this top is all together, I plan on quilting three tops – Easy Street, Card Tricks Revolt and Bermuda Sunrise.  That should keep me busy for a while.

Happy Quilting!


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on UFOs

    1. Marlene Post author

      In the past I have used the “work on one UFO each month” and the “finish one UFO, start one new project” methods. Both were very successful. Presently I am using my new rules and having success with them. Whatever it takes to get the quilts completed is the right way to go.


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