Jan 12 2014

Card Tricks Revolt

One of my 2013 end-of-year goals was to make a quilt using the Card Tricks block as a setting.  It didn’t happen in 2013, but I am working on it now and it is going – sideways.

The plan was to make 3 blocks of 4 different colors.  My colors are red, purple, blue and green and I trying to decide on blocks.  The first block I picked was a log cabin variation from Judy Martin’s new book Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts.

011214   (1024x770)It is a little hard to see with the white background against the white design wall.  Purple was the second color so I picked out a purple star block.

011214A    (712x1024)I liked the purple star blocks, but I don’t like them with the red blocks.  I think that the reason is that there is so much white background in the red blocks, but very little in the purple blocks.

To test that theory I made three purple log cabin blocks.

011214B   (711x1024)This isn’t the quilt that I was visualizing, but this is the quilt that is demanding to be made.  Luckily purple is the favorite color of a quilt guild member and she gladly, gleefully took the purple star blocks.  I really didn’t want to add a UFO to my list.

Since my blocks were not playing well together, I decided to call this quilt Card Tricks Revolt.

Now I am busy making blue and green log cabin blocks and thinking about borders.


2 Responses to “Card Tricks Revolt”

  1. Libby Smith says:

    Don’t you love it when you can get something out of your UFO stack by simply passing it on? Works for me!

  2. Libby Smith says:

    PS: I can’t wait to see the finished product. It looks very interesting.

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