Nov 19 2013

Bow Tie Quilt

The first item on my end of year goals list is done – the Bow Tie Quilt.

111813   (867x1024)It measures 50.5″ x 59″.  The blocks are dimensional bow tie blocks finishing at 6″.

I started numbering my quilt tops in 2007.  The first quilt top finished that year was 2007-1 and continuing on throughout the year.  I keep a list on Excel so I always know when and how many tops I have made.  They removed from the list once they morph into a finished quilt. The Bow Tie quilt top didn’t have a number, so that means the top was made sometime between 2002 and 2006.

It also took three attempts to get this quilted.  The first two tries were before I bought the HQ Sweet Sixteen.  The quilting plan was to outline each bow tie and stitch some pleats on each side of the bow tie “knot”.  Both attempts were disasters!  So this summer I removed all the stitching from the top, repinned it and decided to quilt the background instead of the bow ties.

I think that it is important to quilt and finish those early tops.  It helps me realize how far I have journeyed along this path and how much I still want to learn.


3 Responses to “Bow Tie Quilt”

  1. Libby Smith says:

    I love the setting of your bowties. Your idea or a pattern?

    • Marlene says:

      I saw the layout in a magazine or catalog and used it. The shape of the corners was my idea because I ran out of the brown plaid fabric. I think that this layout would also look great with on-point basket blocks.

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