Jun 23 2013

Hot Flashes 2 Top Completed

Since I gave my first Hot Flashes as a birthday present to a granddaughter, I knew that I would be making another one for me.

Here is the birthday present Hot Flashes –

041313A   (1024x768)and here is my Hot Flashes 2 quilt top draped over the couch.

062313   (932x1024)The colors in the current top are a bit darker than the first.  I used the same gray fabric in both quilt tops because I like it so much.  It will probably be awhile before it is quilted.

There was enough leftover scraps to make 12 blocks for a baby quilt.

062313A (793x1024)All it needs is the inner and outer border.  I also have a container filled with triangles cut from the corner of the block.

062313B  (1024x768)Right now I don’t have a plan for these triangles, but I am sure that I will think of something.

The next project in the queue is Autumn Rings-n-Things.  Is it too early to be thinking of autumn?


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