Mar 11 2013

Design Wall Monday 3-11-13

This is my design wall this week.

031113   (972x1024)I have 5 blocks completed for the Rings ‘n Things quilt, but my attention wandered to this quilt.  It is called French Garden (49″ x 67″) by Elisa’s Backporch Design and uses the Stonehenge Renaissance fabric.  This quilt top was started Saturday afternoon, so you can see how much has been done.

The reason that this quilt inserted itself into my quilting time is because I am working out some layout issues with the Rings ‘n Things top.  Working on this quilt has helped me make a decision on the other quilt.  Strange – but true.

I think that French Garden will be completed this week, then it is back to autumn colors and curved piecing.

Check out what everyone else is doing at Judy’s Design Wall Monday.


6 Responses to “Design Wall Monday 3-11-13”

  1. Nina-Marie says:

    This is lovely – I love the use of browns!

  2. Rhonda says:

    I love your sidetrack starter. Sometimes it takes another project to get the ideas flowing for the first one.

  3. Vicki H. says:

    gorgeous, I find that working on another project and exercising brings me tons of solutions to quilt problems!

  4. Beautiful! I tend to jump from one project to another. Taking a break from something often helps when you’re trying to work out a design issue.

  5. Julianne says:

    Isn’t it funny how that works.
    Lovely project.

  6. Lori in South Dakota says:

    You wandered off the path and found something really special!

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