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Sep 14 2015

Design Wall Monday 09-14-15

The Serengheti wall hanging is finished – the 18th for the year.

091415C (797x1024)Since the center block measures 17″, it would be fun to make 9 or 12 of them for a larger quilt.  Just an idea pinging around in my head, but not for right now – I need to stay focused on my list of star patterns instead.

Speaking of star patterns, this will be the next star project.

091415 (743x1024)The finished quilt size is listed as 70″ x 71″, but I would like it a bit longer for a twin sized quilt.  It may be a bit hard to see in the photo, but the top & bottom rows of stars have the points missing which I find a very strange design decision.  It will be really easy to add one more row to include the star tips and it will add about another 10″.

This quilt is going to be easy – cut out all the triangles for the stars & background, sew the triangles together in rows and then sew the rows together along with the border.  I am using blue & gray snowflake fat quarters for the stars with a white batik with very pale blue snowflakes as the background and a light gray for the border.

The triangles for each star are cut from 5 1/4″ strips, so each star is huge – before seams each star measures 21″ from point to point.

091415B (1024x491)Looking at the photo I already know that I will be moving some of the stars around.

I have also started a new leader/ender project – tumblers.  The quilt that was the leader/ender project is the cover quilt Thirty Something from the June 2015 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting magazine.  I have been sewing 4 patches from 1 1/2″ squares which have become rather boring.  Also I need to do a count to see where I am with them so that is two good reasons to set it aside for the moment.

The tumbler die for my Accuquilt Studio had never been used and 3 1/2″ tumblers are fun quick sewing – tumblers it is.  In a little under an hour I had all these cut out.  Actually there were more than this because the first row is already completed.  I wanted to know how many tumblers to put in each row & how many rows to make a twin sized quilt.  The answer is 35 tumblers and 35 rows.

091415A (899x1024)The white with small blue stars will be consistent throughout the quilt.  I found a 3 1/2 yard piece in my stash which I think will be enough.  If it is not then I will come up with a plan B.

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Sep 07 2015

Design Wall Monday 09-07-15

Happy Labor Day

The center block on the Rangeley Wall Quilt has been completed and now I am sewing the stars for the border.

090715 (695x1024)The focus fabric is from the Serengheti Collection by Peter Pan, so I am naming the quilt Serengheti.  This fabric has been in my stash for 10 – 15 years, but now it is time for it to shine.  The colors in this quilt make me smile.

The pattern recommended the Tucker Trimmer tool which I was delighted to find in my pile of rulers.  I suspect that I purchased the ruler at the same time as the pattern.

090715A (995x1024)You can make the star blocks without this ruler, however it is a great ruler for lining up and squaring down quarter square triangles.  As you can see this ruler has diagonal lines both directions for accuracy.

090715B (1024x683)I will be using the Tucker Trimmer in future projects.

There has been one grump in my day so far – I ran out of black thread and had to make a mad dash to Jo-Ann’s so that I can continue sewing stars.  How did that happen?  I was sure that I had an extra cone of black thread, but no I didn’t.  Oh, well!

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Aug 31 2015

Design Wall Monday 08-31-15

Yeah – the Strip It: Wind quilt top is finished.

083115  (994x1024)The top measures 72″ x 78″ and as you can see it is bigger than my design wall.  I think that this quilt will look great on my bed once it is quilted.  When that will happen I am not sure since there are other projects screaming for attention.

First up is replacing the elastic in a pair of pajamas.  I started quilting after 24 years of sewing clothing and when my youngest headed off to college I started quilting.  So these pajamas were made 15+ years ago and only now do they need new elastic.  The fabric is getting a bit thin, but they are obviously well loved.  A couple of months ago I also replaced elastic in a skirt that was made when she was in high school.  It is quite amazing to me that she still has the skirt & pajamas and still wants to wear them.

The next star project is Rangeley Wall Quilt by Deb Tucker.

083115A  (1024x683)I just realized how similar the colors are in this fabric and the Strip It: Wind quilt top.  I must be in a blue/green mood.  Anyway this wall hanging is 32″ x 42″ so it should go fast once I start sewing.  I hope to start the end of this week after I machine quilt my Carolina Chain top.

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Aug 24 2015

Design Wall Monday 08-24-15

Today I have a new project on my design wall.  The name of the pattern is Strip It: WIND and it will measure 72″ x 78″.

082415  (1024x755)I started this project 4 or 5 weeks ago and completed the first step.  Now it is time to get busy and finish this quilt top since one of my goals this year is to not add to my UFO list.

This quilt is made with Centennial Solids which is not my regular style, but I really like the colors.  It is a good thing to make something unexpected once in a while.  However, when this is done it is back to star quilts.

The Pretty in Everything BUT Pink quilt is finished – sleeve, binding and all.

082415A  (760x1024)This is the 16th finish for this year which was my year goal.  I wonder what my final count for 2015 will be.

Here is a picture of the backing –

082415B   (683x1024)I like to keep a couple of baby quilts around in case I need one in a hurry.  This one will be perfect for a baby boy.

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Aug 17 2015

Design Wall Monday 08-17-15

Yesterday I was working on the wool flower appliques for Star of Yesterday.  I really like how it is coming together and am very pleased with my decision to have the background all one color.

081715  (956x1024)The Pretty in Everything BUT Pink top is being machine quilted with monofilament thread and a meander.

081715A (1024x797)Between these two projects and getting my cutting table cleaned up, I have plenty to keep me busy and out of trouble – maybe.

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Aug 03 2015

Design Wall Monday 08-03-15

On Saturday I started piecing on the first of the star quilts – Pretty in Pink – although I need a new name for my quilt since there is not a single piece of pink in it.  Maybe Pretty Bright or Pretty Scrappy.

080315 (821x1024)This is the first pattern I have made from Marci Baker’s book Oh My Stars and I do have to say that I am not impressed.  The instructions call for sewing strip sets and then cutting units on a 60 degree angle.  I prefer methods that are a more efficient use of the fabric instead of these huge chunks leftover at the beginning and end of the strip set.  Although I just realized that I could have off set the strips so that there wasn’t as much waste.

Also to be fair, these stars are large – the diamonds are 4″ per side.  A quilt with smaller stars would probably not have had so much left over in the strip.

What I did do however was measure the size of the triangles & diamonds, then cut them out individually.  This method did allow me to have a wider variety of fabric colors in the quilt.

The quilt is sewn into columns, then the columns sewn together.  I have 7 of the 13 columns together, so I am half way done.  The top and bottom of the quilt will be cut off to make it a rectangle.

I am very pleased with the background gray fabric that I found for the background.  This is going to make a great baby quilt.

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Jul 20 2015

Design Wall Monday 07-20-15

My sewing area is a disaster of indecision.  I am ready for a new project that is a more of a challenge – either a new technique or more complicated piecing.  My current list is 1) Amish Wedding Ring in the Encyclopedia of Classic Quilt Patterns book, 2) Gypsy Wife by Jen Kingwell and 3) Flags Flying by Sara Nephew in the book Not Your Grandmother’s Log Cabin.  All three quilts are on the smaller size, so maybe I need to make all of them.

While trying to make a decision I have been machine quilting tops.  The middle of last week I picked out 8 – 10 quilt tops to be finished.  I don’t know if I will get them all completed, but I will continue working on them until I get distracted.

072015 (1018x1024)This is my first finish – Disappearing Frogs.  I always have a hard time deciding on thread color with a high contrast quilt, so I used my old standby – monofilament thread in a stipple pattern.  The quilt measures 38 1/2″ square and I think that the black & white striped binding was the perfect finishing touch.

And what is on my design wall?  Another quilt top to be finished of course!

072015A (1024x791)This top was made sometime between 2002 and 2008.  Towards the end of 2008 I started recording the finish date of my quilt tops and this one was made sometime before that.  It is from Margaret Miller’s book Easy Pieces and measures 36 1/2″ square.

The fabric on the right is the backing along with a quilting stencil that I plan to use and the batting is draped on the left side.  I was tempted to use the backing as a border, but in the end I decided to go borderless.

The Pinwheels on Parade quilt is at the hand stitching the binding down stage, so that one should be finished in a day or two.

One of my goals for this year was to finish 16 quilt tops.  The Disappearing Frog quilt brings my total to 13, so I am confident of over-achieving that goal.

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Jul 13 2015

Design Wall Monday 07-13-15

I managed to find time this last weekend to finish the Pinwheels on Parade quilt top (51″ square).

071315 (1024x1009)In honor of all the scrappy happening going on in the top, I decided to dig through my orphan block bin and make a scrappy backing.  It is great to find a place for those odds and ends.

071315A (1024x987)Anything that was black, gray or dark was fair game to piece into the backing.  And since I was on such a roll, I pieced together leftover stripes for the batting.

I have three tops ready for machine quilting and am hoping to get them all finished in the next 7 – 10 days.

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Jul 06 2015

Design Wall Monday 07-06-15

It has been a couple of weeks since my last post, but things have been pretty busy around here.  My oldest daughter & family were in town for a week and we had a wonderful time.  They will be moving to England at the end of this month, so it was important to make some family memories before they leave.

I was able to get some sewing time in over the July 4th weekend – hand sewing the binding on the Gus quilt and working on an old UFO.

070615 (1024x770)My best guess is that this project is 10 – 12 years old.  The pattern is Pinwheels on Parade from Pat Speth’s book More Nickel Quilts.  I remember the plan for this quilt – rainbow colors shading from yellow to green, the gray background shading from light to dark and using a charm pack that I had.  I know that I spent some time with colored pencils and graph paper trying to figure out how many blocks of each color I needed for the quilt.

There were two main reasons that this ended up an UFO – first is that the all the squares in the charm pack were not exactly 5″ square (this is why I don’t buy charm packs) and the second is that I couldn’t get the rainbow sequence to work out like I wanted.

So now a decade later this UFO is getting finished!  All the block parts are being measured and new ones cut out as needed.   I discarded the idea of the rainbow coloring and am going for a bright scrappy look.  The gray background fabric is hand dyed which is too busy for the effect I was trying for.  The fabric on the left will be the outer border.

This is not one of my favorite quilts, but it will make a good charity quilt and will be crossed off my UFO list.  The most satisfying part of this quilt is the knowledge of how much I have grown in my quilt making.

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Jun 22 2015

Design Wall Monday 06-22-15

The Antique Tiles quilt top (67″ square) is completed.

062215 (1024x1008)After checking through my stash twice and finding nothing for the border, I headed to Jo-Ann’s with a coupon. I found some brown material, but once I got it home I discovered it didn’t play well with the quilt center.

Why am I having so much trouble with border fabric recently?  This is the second quilt in a row with this issue.  Anyway it was back to the fabric store where I found this red fabric.

While I was washing the red border fabric, I worked on the second block for the Happy Halloween quilt.

Meet Vampire and Mrs. Monster –

062215A (1024x675)Once all the blocks are completed, I will square them up and add the finishing details.  These Halloween characters make me smile every time I look at them.

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