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Jul 07 2014

Design Wall Monday 07-07-14

Here is the progress on the cat quilt – Gus.

070714   (861x1024)I don’t want any of the flower blocks to be with a red background and a gray flower, so I cut the pattern apart and am using it as templates.  It takes a bit longer to cut out the parts, but I have been able to use some gray fabric scraps.  I like that pop of red in the quilt.

The fabric on the upper right of the picture – I think that I will be using that for the binding.

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Jun 30 2014

Design Wall Monday 06-30-14

I started a new project on Saturday – Crazy Cats by Buggy Barn.  This has been on my to-do list for awhile, so now it was time.  Crazy Cats is the first Buggy Barn pattern that I have made and the blocks sewed up faster than I thought they would.

063014    (1024x670)This isn’t a black & white photograph – these are black & gray quilt blocks.  There will be some red flower blocks for some color.  Also I am changing the pattern a bit by reversing half of the cat blocks.

The fabric on the left is some Kona Bay cat fabric from 2011 that will be incorporated into the quilt top.  I was checking out the internet to see if I could find some more of this fabric for a border.  There is a store in Australia that has some yardage for $20.00 a yard, but I decided pass on that and just use the yard that I have.

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Jun 16 2014

Design Wall Monday 06-16-14

I did it – I finished the Kingyo quilt top yesterday evening.

061614    (811x1024)As you can see, this one is also bigger than my design wall – maybe I need a bigger wall.  This top is 59″ x 78 1/2″.

I worked on my hexie project at quilt guild on Saturday.

061614A  (755x1024)Isn’t this a great background fabric for the hexies?    The wallhanging will be three flowers across and five rows long.  The plan is to applique the flower garden directly on the background fabric.

One of the ladies at quilt guild had made a charity quilt and I said that I would quilt it, so that is my next project.  After that I think I will start something new – maybe a Buggy Barn quilt.

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Jun 02 2014

Design Wall Monday 06-02-14

This last week was really rough (trying to get five days of work finished in four and my car was being repaired because of a check engine light), so what is a girl to do but start a new project!

But first I need to backtrack a little bit.  This quilt was completed in December 2012.  The pattern is Mod Times Quilt Along found here.

121212A   (918x1024)

I really like this quilt (probably because I just adored the Ninja Frogs), but I started wondering how it would look with two changes – make it bigger and have a rainbow background instead of one fabric.  So I made this quilt top at the beginning of this year.

031514   (958x1024)

The shading of the colors across the quilt top makes me smile, but does the background overpower the focus fabric?  Sometimes I think that it doesn’t and sometimes I think that it does.

So I decided to make one more.  Here is the final quilt experiment – this time I changed the colors of the sashing and added a border.

060214    (933x1024)

This is a close up of the focus fabric which provided the name of the quilt – Under the Sea.

060214A   (768x1024)

It is easy to see that all three quilts are from the same pattern, but each one looks so different from the others.  Right now my favorite top is the last one, but that is probably because I just finished it.

Our next quilt guild meeting is June 14th and I hope to have Robots & Aliens and Under the Sea quilted for show and tell.

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Mar 03 2014

Design Wall Monday 03-02-14

Yesterday I cut the background fabric and arranged it on the design wall.

030214    (1024x767)I couldn’t get back far enough to take a picture of the whole design wall, but here is the top part.  The first row has been sewn together and I am so pleased with the result.

This project consumed a large part of my weekend.  It is a quilt that just flowed from my vision to the design wall.

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Feb 24 2014

Design Wall Monday 2-24-14

The Split 9-Patch quilt is my 1st finish for 2014 and will be donated as a community quilt at the next guild meeting.

022414    (922x1024)

I sorted through the pile of fabric and found these blocks to put on my design wall.  They are from a class that I took about 4 years ago, so I think that they have aged enough, don’t you?  I think that this was put away because I didn’t have a clear vision of the finished quilt.

022414A   (1024x766)This quilt has a combination of Drunkard’s Path and Sawtooth Stars and the name of the pattern is Meteor Shower by Pepper Cory.  Pepper was talking about publishing this pattern, but I didn’t find it online.

While I am machine quilting I will be thinking about this project.  I do find it interesting that I am working on two green quilts in a row.

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Feb 10 2014

Design Wall Monday 02-10-14

The Card Tricks Revolt quilt top is finally finished.  There are 16 small (4.5″ finished) card tricks blocks in the top and it felt like each one took as long to make as a 12″block.

021014  (1024x1018)The quilt finished at 66″.  I am very pleased with this quilt top even though it is so different from the beginning plan.  Sometimes the quilt making process takes a major detour from your road map.

I have some quilting motifs in mind, but first I want to finish quilting the Scrappy Split 9-Patch quilt.  The machine quilting on the 9-patch was about 1/4 done when I needed to set it aside and make a Christmas gift quilt.  Now it is time to get it completed.

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Jan 20 2014

Design Wall Monday 01-20-14

Progress is going slowly on the Card Tricks Revolt, but I have completed four of the setting triangles.

012014    (1024x988)While sewing on the triangles, I have been trying to decide on the borders.  I bounce back and forth between a pieced border and solid border.  There are more triangles to sew before I need to make a decision.  Anyone have any ideas?

I received several comment regarding a pattern for this top.  The log cabin block is from Judy Martin’s new book Extraordinary Quilts and the cutting instructions for the 4 1/2″ Card Tricks block are from the book Around the Block with Judy Hopkins.  The log cabin blocks are set in the Card Tricks layout.  Regarding the rest – I am just making it up as I sew along.

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Jan 13 2014

Design Wall Monday 01-13-14

011314   (1024x1024)I finished the rest of the log cabin blocks this weekend and I really like the results.  Now comes the decision for the setting triangles.  As you can see I am considering some little card tricks blocks.  These measure 4 1/2″ finished.

011314A (1024x713)Aren’t they cute?

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Dec 30 2013

Design Wall Monday 12-30-13

This looks to be my last quilt top for 2013.  I managed to find some time to sew more green & tan 9-patches during the Christmas holiday and this is what my design wall looked like on Friday.

123013    (835x1024)Saturday I finished the last four 9-patches and sewed the center of the quilt together.  Today the borders went on.

123013A  (875x1024)As you can see the quilt top (63.5″ x 76″) is larger than my design wall.  It is hard to get a good picture, but here is a close up that shows the background fabric better.

123113B   (1024x867)This project was not on my end-of-year goal list, but getting it completed did bring the total fabric used in 2013 to 100 yards which was a goal.

Next up is Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler – yes, I am sewing on this long-term project again.  The goal is to complete rows A & B.  This is block B-9.

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