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Goodbye 2021 – Hello 2022

Looking back at my 2021 quilting goals, I had mixed results.  Several quilts with curves were completed – good, however I strayed from that goal and never circled back around to it – bad.  Even though it wasn’t a goal, a few old “self-kits” (fabric & pattern) were completed along with four UFOs which is a win in my book.

The goal that I most wanted to accomplish was using 100 yards of fabric, but my 2021 total was 86.81.  The biggest reason I think for the 100 yard goal failure was the 2 month wait for the new quilting frame.  This will be a goal for 2022 and will – hopefully – be met.

Okay, so the totals for 2021

  1.  Pieced tops – 22
  2. Completed quilts – 28
  3. UFOs finished – 4
  4. Yardage used – 86.81 yards

Enough looking back, time to look forward.  This year I decided to do something a little different for my goals.  Instead of a yearly goals, I am going to have monthly goals.

Since I had so much fun the the 2021 Whatnots Club by Kim Diehl, I signed up for the 2022 subscription.  I still have five 2021 Whatnots kits, so my January 2022 goal is to finish 3 – 5 wallhanging tops.  Yesterday I started Traffic Jam and have all the middle blocks completed.

Tenth Simple Whatnots Miniature Club Month Eight | Traffic Jam Quilt Kit

And why have only one project in the works, when you can have 2 or 3 or 5?

Dashing has not been loaded on the quilting frame and Michigan still has only one border appliqued, so what did I do?  Why start a new piecing project, of course!  This one is Libby Smith‘s fault – no, not really.

On her December 28th post, she mentioned a quilt from the book Nickel Quilts by Pat Speth.  That got me interested and I knew I had a Nickel Quilts book, so I grabbed my copy to take a look.  However the book I have is More Nickel Quilts, so I couldn’t check out the pattern that Libby intends to make.  I did come across a quilt pattern that I have always liked, but have never made – Dawn to Dusk.  When reading the directions I realized that it would be so easy to make these blocks with a jelly roll.  Before the end of 2021, I had 72 blocks cut out and half sewn together.

It is going to be so much fun to play with the layout and design a border.

For my 5th project, I pulled out the February 2021 Quilty Box EPP UFO  Starry Aurora.  When it is finished it will measure 20 3/4″ x 21″, so it is a good fit with Mini-January.  It is my watching TV handwork project.

Happy Quilty New Year,


LBQS Mystery – Michigan

I haven’t posted about the LBQS Mystery quilt Michigan recently, however progress has been made.

Even with the “holes”, the design of the quilt is emerging.

The top rows have been sewn together – I am really liking this quilt!

Almost finished piecing – only three borders remaining.

My plan is to attach the borders this weekend, then work on the applique similiar to the picture below.  

In the Quiltmania March/April 2015 magazine I found the pattern Homestead by Edyta Sitar that has the same applique templates that she used on her Michigan quilt.  I wonder how long it will take me to draw all the shapes on fusible web, cut them out and applique them on the quilt.  Hmm – better get busy.

Happy Halloween,


Good-bye and Hello

My sewing room Saturday morning –

My sewing room Saturday afternoon –

Finally my Studio 2 frame has arrived and I have been so jumping-up-and-down excited!  It is such a great feeling to know that I can now machine quilt my larger tops.

Of course I had to take it for a test drive.

The first top machine quilted on the new frame – Child’s Play.  I had to hit pause on the mystery quilt and get a baby quilt done.  The pattern is Child’s Play by Emily Cier in a Quiltmaker magazine.  I don’t know the issue since I just tore out the pattern, however it is a quilt made from her block for a Quiltmaker 100 Blocks issue.

The panto-graph used is ABC Bubbles from Urban Elementz – a perfect quilting design, right?

ABC Bubbles - Pantograph

Time to get the binding on and decide on the next top to load on the frame.

Have a good week,


Laundry Basket Quilts 2012 Mystery – Michigan

Edyta had an interesting method for presenting the different blocks.  All the cutting directions were on her blog, however all the assembly directions were on You-tube.

Sunday morning I finished the 5th (out of 12) part of the Michigan mystery.

Yesterday afternoon part 6 & half of part 7 were completed.  My design wall is filling in fast.

My goal is to have the center completed over Labor Day weekend.  Edyta presented several options for the borders.  Although I am tempted by the applique border, I won’t make a decision until the center is done.

Have a good week,


Big Stitch Handquilting & a Farm Truck

I started My Flower Garden (Red Button Quilt Co -16″x19″) a couple of week ago with the plan to big stitch quilting it.

One of the interesting things about the pattern is that the embroidery, wool applique & buttons are worked through both the top and the batting – not through the backing.

Thinking that it would be easier to stitch through, I used wool batting.  It worked very well for the embroidery & applique, however not so much for the handquilting.
The buttons really transform the wall-hanging, don’t they?

This is one of the most interesting thing about this project – my subconsious fabric choices.  I just knew that the background fabric was perfect and discovered the reason while I was doing the handwork.

Do you see how the red wool flowers with button centers are reflected on the background fabric?  Also one of the red batik fabrics has rings and polka dots to continue the same theme.

On to the handquilting – I watched several You-tube tutorials on big stitch handquilting and then did my own thing.  It feels more like I am doing a running embroidery stitch than hand-quilting, but that is okay by me.

I tried using a quilting hoop, but found it to be ackward and unweilding so the hoop went into the Goodwill bin.

This is the part where I am second-guessing the use of wool batting.  To me it looks lumpy & bumpy, but that could just be because not all of the handquilting has been completed.

Right now there are no plans to handquilt a larger quilt, only small wall-hangings.  Hopefully I will have this one done during the coming week.

The Farm Truck appliqued wall-hanging (12 1/2″ x 12 1/2″) was completed as a gift to my brother. 

There are three other trucks in the series – Dump Truck, Market Truck & Fire Truck – which will be completed in the next couple of months.

Time to get back to my big stitch handquilting.

Have a good week


Jurassic Park Quilt Part 1

My current project isn’t technically an UFO by my definition – no cutting & no sewing – but it feels as if it is due to the length of time it has been packed away.  I have pulled this out multiple times over the years and always just shoved it right back in the bin.

There were three main reasons that this project never got out of the starting gate.

  1.  I was short on the focus fabric according to the pattern requirements.
  2.  Previously my pineapple blocks were not as accurate as I wanted.
  3.  The design on the focus fabric was smaller scale than the pattern picture.

But now I was ready to conquer this quilt top.  The pattern is Provence in the Positively Pineapple quilt book by Lynda Mulligan & Nancy Smith.  It is a solid center cut of fabric surrounded by pineapple borders.

I am using this dinosaur print for my focus fabric, even though the design scale is smaller.

After some research, I bought the large Square in a Square ruler set from Studio 180.  Deb Tucker has a good You-tube video for modifications on the ruler to assist in the precision pineapple blocks.

The ruler covers the whole block and has 6 – 10 reference points for accurate trimming.  After making two test blocks, I chain pieced the remaining 16 blocks.

It didn’t take too long before the blocks were completed.  I am so pleased with the new ruler and the finished blocks.

To be continued – the borders


Saturday Progress

After checking JoAnn’s, Hobby Lobby and the local quilt store, I finally found the gray & white striped fabric at WalMart.  it was a crazy treasure hunt day, but I got the fabric prize.  It was time to get busy and get this top finished.

Just a few more strip sets and all the triangles will be made.  It takes longer than I anticipated to sew the diagonal rows together.  Sew two triangles together, press the seam open, sew another triangle, press again.

My Biggy the Bee top is almost halfway completed.  Maybe I can get it finished on Sunday.

Happy Quilting,


Biggy the Bee

On Friday I made good progress on my Biggy the Bee quilt.

I have two Krista Moser patterns, although this is the first one I have made.  Her directions are clear and concise with lots of illustrations.

It is fun watching this baby quilt come together.  I was planning on completing the top on Saturday, but I discovered that I needed gray/white stripe fabric.  So it is off to the fabric stores first.  What a hardship!


String Diamonds

I have realized that my quilting personality requires a plan when starting a new quilt project whether that is following a quilt pattern or designing my own layout.  I am not able to just make a bunch of blocks and then decide on a layout later.  As soon as I start making blocks my brain kicks in forming and rejecting a setting until it settles on a Plan A.  Now Plan A can go sideways and end up as Plan C or D or maybe even K, but I start with Plan A.

That being said, I needed an idea for the String Diamond blocks.  After thinking and looking at quilt patterns, I decided on the Kashmir pattern by Nancy Mahoney.  Here is the link if you are interested in this free pattern:

Of course I had to make a slight adjustment to the alternate block to accomandate the LeMoyne stars, but that was not difficult.

And then there were six!  This is looking good.

Here is my design wall on Monday morning.  All the alternate blocks have been pieced and the triangle/HST for the remining LeMoyne stars are cut out.  Now to get busy on the remaining string diamonds.

I wonder how many I can get made this coming weekend?


Mini Fly With Me

The Butterflies Fly With Me quilt top was made in 2018.

While I was piecing this project, I had the idea to make a wall-hanging to coordinate with it.    However as my brother always tells me “Anyone can have an idea, but the person who does something with that idea is the one who can claim credit”.  I can tell you right now that I am claiming credit for my idea since the wall-hanging is in process.

My plan was to have the same layout, but make the butterflies out of hexagons.  What do you think?  Aren’t they so darn cute?

The hexies are 1/2″ per side with the butterly measuring 5 3/4″ x 4″.  The final butterfly is in almost done, so this week I will locate the scraps from the original quilt.  Hopefully by next weekend I will have a finished wall-hanging top.

What is on your to-do list for this week?