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May 31 2020

Finishes for May 2020

Space Invaders and the Tea Towel Placemats are completed.

I wasn’t really planning on machine quilting Space Invaders this soon, however I had the perfect backing, a piece of batting the correct size and the dark gray thread on the machine.

Connecting Threads had their backing on sale a month or so ago, so this piece jumped in my cart and demanded to be the backing for Space Invaders. I think the name of it is Lava Lamps and it is perfect.

Up close you can see the dark gray thread on the black background, but when you step back it all blends in nicely.

I am very pleased with the two Tea Towel Placemats. The applique on the top placemat was made during the booth demo at the Quilting Expo last year while the bottom applique was created with an Edyta Sitar Accuquilt die. It was also a good project for me to practice Baptist Fans using the Westalee ruler.

What a wonderful finish to the month of May. Now it is time to decide what June’s goals will be.

Happy Quilting,


May 23 2020

Oriental Cranes

Oriental Cranes was completed earlier this week and I am happy with the finished quilt. The quilt top was pieced in 2011 and has patiently waited for 9 years to be quilted.

It is a bit difficult to see, but the panto-graph Sensu that I used is a clam shell with a flower – lotus blossom?- inside. To me it has an Oriental feel, so I will probably use it on other Oriental quilt tops.

Sensu by Urban Elementz

I also machine quilted with the same medium gray thread that I used on Shortline. It does a great job of blending in with all the fabric colors.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend,


May 17 2020

MQ Marathon

Shortline is now a completed quilt. There wasn’t enough of the black spiderweb fabric for the binding, so I went with the green. Isn’t that little pop of color along the edge fun?

Since this had been a quilt sandwich for over a year, I am calling it a completed UFO and off of my list – which is still way too long.

I picked a medium dark gray thread and the panto-graph Along Came a Spider. As evident from the name, the panto-graph had spiders & spiderwebs on it and was the most challenging panto-graph I have done to date.

Along Came a Spider - Petite - Pantograph
Along Came a Spider by Urban Elementz

As soon as Shortline came off the frame, I loaded up Oriental Cranes. Even with all the cream background & flowers, I quilted with the same medium dark gray thread that I used with Shortline.

Oriental Cranes came off the frame a week ago Saturday and Space Invaders was loaded the next day.

And yes, I used the same thread – medium dark gray – as the two previous quilts. The machine quilting on Space Invaders was finished last Thursday and Friday I quilted two placemats.

Whew! Now I need to take a break, put my feet up and get all that binding stitched down. The purchase of the Simply Sixteen was a good investment for me and I am enjoying the machine quilting to move these tops to completed quilts.

Have a good week and happy quilting,


Mar 29 2020

Ready for Halloween

Last year one of the vendors at the Denver Quilting Expo had a small flag stand with a holiday banner which was really cute and I wanted one. So this year when I saw the flag holders at Jo-Ann’s, I knew it was time to get busy on this project. Jo-Ann’s didn’t carry the stand base, however I located exactly what I needed on Amazon. All that was left was the banner.

Years ago I had picked up the quilt book Motif by Jeri Kelly that contains 14 patterns for 12″ x 16″ banners. Now it was time to make one. I picked the Halloween banner because it had the fewest applique pieces and the cat is so dang cute.

Be Safe, Be Healthy and Happy Quilting


Mar 17 2020

Two More Finishes

Batik Sampler 44 1/2″ x 60 1/2″
Autumn Card Tricks 47″ x 55″

Yeah! – two more finished quilts. The Batik Sampler is a birthday gift and the Autumn Card Tricks is a charity quilt.

Isn’t it fun to look back at earlier quilts and see how far you have progressed in the quilting craft? If I was making the Autumn Card Tricks today, I would use smaller blocks, explore different settings and maybe add a pieced border. However every journey has a starting point and this quilt is part of my beginning.


Jan 10 2020

First Finish of 2020

Echo is now ready to hang on the wall. It was machine quilted on New Year’s Day with pantograph Fang from Urban Elementz.

Echo was quilted with Superior Threads’ Bottom Line which is the first time that I have used this thread. It took almost as long to get the tension set as it did to actually machine quilt this little project. However I made a note of the settings, so any future project using this brand will be easy to set up. I really like how the thread gives texture without contrast.

Now that Echo was completed, I turned my attention to the remaining 13 medallions. My first plan was to have the X in the X-block cut from the corresponding stripe, however I could not find any background in my stash that played well with the background in the medallions. Therefore I reversed my thinking and used the background as the X with the stripe as the triangles.

This is the only block where the triangles top-bottom & left-right mirror, the rest were just random.

I named this quilt Goldfield (45 1/2″ square) for a ghost town in Colorado and is finished without borders. Goldfield will be my next quilting project since the machine is still setup from Echo.

Have a wonderful weekend,