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One Finish & Two New Projects

It only took a year, but my wall-hanging of Emerson’s Snail is now finished.  I smile everytime I look at Emerson’s Snail.

The snail is the same, but the setting is totally different than the wall-hanging gifted to Ms Emerson.  Twins, but different.

A couple of years ago I was sorting through a bin and came across the Wheel of Mystery templates and fabric from a class with John Flynn in 2007.  I must have been very interested in this block, since I also found 3 or 4 template sets in different sizes along with an Accuquilt die.

I used the die to cut the remaining fabric into block parts and then packed it all back up.  Now it is time to get this pieced together.  There is no note stating how many blocks were cut and I am not going to count them.  It will be a surprise once all the blocks are pieced.

The next piecing project is a string diamonds for a LeMoyne block.  Bonnie Hunter has a free pattern on her website for string diamonds called Out On a String which I have been looking at for the last 4 -5 months.  Now is the time to get busy on this.  My diamonds are 4″ per side instead of the 3″ per side in Bonnie’s pattern, but my thought was a larger diamond – more strings used.

Right now the plan is to make 9 String LeMoyne blocks and then decide if more are needed.  I don’t need to make any decisions at this time, so I won’t – time enough for that later.

I do however need to decide what I want to accomplish by the end of the year.  A little over three months and we can say good-bye to 2020.

Happy Quilty Friday,


A Daisy Finish

This cute daisy wall-hanging was finished last week.  After seeing the pattern in the current Quiltmania magazine, I went on the hunt for a kit which was found on the In The Patch Designs website.  The Do A Daisy wall-hanging is completely hand stitched except fot attaching the front, back & batting together.  It was fun although a bit difficult to make good stitches in the center of the wall-hanging.

The leaves and petals are attached with a running stitch through the middle of the wool.  This gives them a subtle 3-D effect which is one of my favorite parts of the wall-hanging.

The Multi-Print Strata top is also completed.  It is the largest strata at 55″ x 58″ and does have some fullness which I will need to ease in during the machine quilting process.

All my curiosity and what-if questions regarding the Strata quilts have been answered at this time, so on to something else.

Time to load another quilt top on the quilting frame.  The winner – Black, White & Gold pieced in 2016.

This quilt rquires custom quilting, so more practice with rulers is coming my way.  I will probably start work on it sometime in October.  In the meantime a new scrappy project and an old UFO are jumping up & down and waving their hands.  I guess it is time to give them some personal attention.  More on that in a later post.

Have a good quilty week.


A Couple of Finishes

I am a bit behind in my posting, however today I have a couple of finishes to share.

African Courthouse Steps is now a completed quilt.  This quilt top was pieced sometime before 2008 and is one of my oldest projects.  It measures 54″ x 71″ and – if I remember correctly – was an Eleanor Burns pattern.  Yeah!  There are only two more pre-2008 quilt tops to finish before the end of the year.

The second quilt finish is the Purple Strata (40″ x 42″).  I don’t care for this one as much as the Green Stata.  Maybe it has to do with the concentration of solid purple in the center.  But that is okay since this one is intended as a charity quilt; I am sure that someone out there will love it.

My new piecing project is the third strata using multi-colored strips.

The 1 1/2″ strips were divided into light, medium & dark piles and starting with the lights in the center.  I think that this one may be my favorite of all.

Have some quilty fun this weekend.


Green Strata Experiment

Green Strata is finished – binding and all. Due to the waviness, it was a bit of a challenge to machine quilt. And yes, I did have to add pleats to get it to lay flat. Unless it is closely inspected, I don’t think that many people will even notice.

An added bonus was using some orphan blocks to extend the width of the backing. Green Strata was machine quilted with a spiderweb panto-graph using green variegated thread.

I have a theory on why my Green Strata had so much waviness. The quilt top was pieced on my Juki with the walking foot attached instead of a regular 1/4″ quilting foot. I think that the walking foot may have contributed to the waviness issue. Hmm it seems like a purple strata experiment may be in my future.

The way the strips wobble up & down and around the quilt appeals to me – maybe it is my inner child drawing outside the lines. My perfectionist adult likes the fact that the quilt is flat and square, so both parts of me are happy with Green Strata.

Wishing everyone good health and some quilting time,


Hazel & Mindless Sewing

Hazel is completed – binding, sleeve & label. In fact I was a bit behind on attaching labels, but now I am all caught up. There is only one more birthday gift quilt for this year, however that one needs to be finished by December, so I have some time. Without deadlines, I can pursue whatever quilting projects captures my attention.

I have been in a mindless sewing mood for a couple of weeks, so when I saw the Strata Squared quilt tutorial on the My Quilt Infatuation blog ( I knew it was my next project. I decided to make my Strata quilt green with a three row gray border and much smaller.

My plan was to make the a 38″ square, add three rows top and bottom and then three rounds of gray. Just pushing fabric through the machine was exactly what I wanted and it was fun to watch the square grow. At first I thought that I was going to have leftover green scraps, but as the square got larger and the pile diminished faster, I wondered if I would need to cut more green strips.

And that is exactly what happened – more 1 1/2″ strips were cut and sewn together to complete the green rectangle.

My best guess from counting the rows is that this quilt top is 44″ x 50″. As you can see the quilt top is wavy and Kelly talks about that in her tutorial. My plan is to put it on the quilting frame next weekend, contain the wavy borders and get it quilted next weekend. Wish me luck!

The process of machine quilting will determine if I will make another Strata quilt, although I did enjoy the sewing process. My next two piecing projects also involve mostly mindless sewing, but once they are completed I hope to ready for more of a challenge. Everything in its time.

Have a good week,



Yeah! Mini-Metro is completed – well, almost. Today I will add the label, then it will be officially completely finished.

I knew that this quilt top would be a bit of a challenge to machine quilt and I was correct. The tags needed to fly free and the pockets needed to be usable, so no panto-graph. I wanted something more than meandering, so I decided on Baptist Fans – and enjoy the texture they give the quilt.

Leaving the pockets open while following the curve of the fans was a stretch of my machine quilting skills, but stretching is a good thing – right?

Today’s projects include labels and binding for Hazel Hedgehog.

I hope everyone is enjoying a safe quilty weekend.


Finishes for May 2020

Space Invaders and the Tea Towel Placemats are completed.

I wasn’t really planning on machine quilting Space Invaders this soon, however I had the perfect backing, a piece of batting the correct size and the dark gray thread on the machine.

Connecting Threads had their backing on sale a month or so ago, so this piece jumped in my cart and demanded to be the backing for Space Invaders. I think the name of it is Lava Lamps and it is perfect.

Up close you can see the dark gray thread on the black background, but when you step back it all blends in nicely.

I am very pleased with the two Tea Towel Placemats. The applique on the top placemat was made during the booth demo at the Quilting Expo last year while the bottom applique was created with an Edyta Sitar Accuquilt die. It was also a good project for me to practice Baptist Fans using the Westalee ruler.

What a wonderful finish to the month of May. Now it is time to decide what June’s goals will be.

Happy Quilting,


Oriental Cranes

Oriental Cranes was completed earlier this week and I am happy with the finished quilt. The quilt top was pieced in 2011 and has patiently waited for 9 years to be quilted.

It is a bit difficult to see, but the panto-graph Sensu that I used is a clam shell with a flower – lotus blossom?- inside. To me it has an Oriental feel, so I will probably use it on other Oriental quilt tops.

Sensu by Urban Elementz

I also machine quilted with the same medium gray thread that I used on Shortline. It does a great job of blending in with all the fabric colors.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend,


MQ Marathon

Shortline is now a completed quilt. There wasn’t enough of the black spiderweb fabric for the binding, so I went with the green. Isn’t that little pop of color along the edge fun?

Since this had been a quilt sandwich for over a year, I am calling it a completed UFO and off of my list – which is still way too long.

I picked a medium dark gray thread and the panto-graph Along Came a Spider. As evident from the name, the panto-graph had spiders & spiderwebs on it and was the most challenging panto-graph I have done to date.

Along Came a Spider - Petite - Pantograph
Along Came a Spider by Urban Elementz

As soon as Shortline came off the frame, I loaded up Oriental Cranes. Even with all the cream background & flowers, I quilted with the same medium dark gray thread that I used with Shortline.

Oriental Cranes came off the frame a week ago Saturday and Space Invaders was loaded the next day.

And yes, I used the same thread – medium dark gray – as the two previous quilts. The machine quilting on Space Invaders was finished last Thursday and Friday I quilted two placemats.

Whew! Now I need to take a break, put my feet up and get all that binding stitched down. The purchase of the Simply Sixteen was a good investment for me and I am enjoying the machine quilting to move these tops to completed quilts.

Have a good week and happy quilting,


Ready for Halloween

Last year one of the vendors at the Denver Quilting Expo had a small flag stand with a holiday banner which was really cute and I wanted one. So this year when I saw the flag holders at Jo-Ann’s, I knew it was time to get busy on this project. Jo-Ann’s didn’t carry the stand base, however I located exactly what I needed on Amazon. All that was left was the banner.

Years ago I had picked up the quilt book Motif by Jeri Kelly that contains 14 patterns for 12″ x 16″ banners. Now it was time to make one. I picked the Halloween banner because it had the fewest applique pieces and the cat is so dang cute.

Be Safe, Be Healthy and Happy Quilting