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Aug 03 2016

Garden Party Finish

Garden Party quilt top is complete!

080316  (885x1024)

The finished size is 72″ x 86 1/2″ and I am very pleased with the results.

080316A (683x1024)

The white in all the pictures looks like a solid white instead of the white with black flecks that it really is.  It makes me think of vanilla ice cream with vanilla beans.  This is also my favorite block with the blue car fabric.  My Dad sold used cars during his retirement and I am sure that my Mom bought this fabric to make him a shirt.  There are only a few scraps left from this yardage, but I think of Mom & Dad every time is see it.

I was planning on doing another Lincoln block as my next project, but I haven’t quite decided on what color it will be.  Any suggestions?


Jun 01 2016

May Update

I managed to squeak in a few finishes in May.  The first finish is the Oriental Twinkle Star quilt top (57″ x 57″).

060116 (1024x1005)

All the fabric came from my stash except for a couple of dark blue batiks.  There are actually three different background fabrics in the top, but I think it all blends together nicely.  I will be using the black & white stripe for the binding.

The second finish is Meteor Shower.

060116A (903x1024)

This top (72 1/2″ x 88 1/2″) is larger than my design wall, so it was difficult to get a good picture.  The diagram for the top shows two opposite corners mitered and the other two with butted borders.  I don’t remember if this was how Pepper Cory designed the quilt or she was just showing different options.  Either way I decided to go with the mitered corners.

Meteor Showers is not one of my favorite quilts, but I am happy to have moved this from an UFO into a quilt top.

I have also been busy working on the wool owl ornaments.

060116B (498x1024)

Only one more to go, then this project will be completed.  Tomorrow I start on the green Lincoln block.


Apr 14 2016

Thursday Update

The Nifty Thrifty quilt top was completed last week.  The top finished at 70″ x 81″.  I like the scrappy border on it.

040416   (881x1024)

However once it was done, I had a hard time finding inspiration to start another project.  So I took a short sewing break to organize fabric and finish the machine quilting on the Bluegrass Frogs quilt.

While machine quilting the Bluegrass Frogs the first time, I ran into problems with the monofilament thread breaking every 6″.  I picked up a couple of different brands to see which one would work the best for me.  I used the Aurifil thread to complete the machine quilting without any problems.  There is one more side and the sleeve to finish hand stitching, then Bluegrass Frogs will be completed.

In addition to the machine quilting, I dug out four wool owl ornaments to work on in the evening.

041316A  (843x1024)The first one is finished – three to go.

041316B   (1024x683)It feels good to be excited about piecing again, so today I started on the orange Lincoln block.  And yes, I did count the pieces in one block – 337.

Hopefully by Sunday evening I will have the Bluegrass Frogs quilt and an orange Lincoln block to share.

Have a good weekend,


Mar 16 2016

Loco-Motion Quilt Top

The last week has been crazy.  Last Thursday I babysat three grandchildren and Friday I watched a different four grandchildren.  It is lots of fun and I treasure the time spent with them, but I spent most of Saturday recuperating.  However for the last three days I have made good progress on my sewing projects.

So, here is the reason that making quilts with recycled shirts was on my to-do list for March.

031516  (1024x683)

What a mess!  I have been trying to decide if I want to dedicate a bin to the shirts or mix them in with my regular stash.  Right now I am leaning toward mixing them in, but I will make a final decision later.

After making a couple of the Nifty Thrifty blocks, I decided to make the Loc0-Motion quilt top first.  It measures 36 1/2″ x 48 1/2″, so it was a quick finish.

031516A  (779x1024)

I am very pleased with the finished top.  My plan was to use parts of the shirts in the 3″ and 6″ blocks.  All except two of the 6″ blocks are shirt pockets

031516C   (683x1024)and some of the 3″ blocks are embroidery or labels/tags from the shirts.

031516B   (683x1024)

I need to machine stitch the applique and then the top will be completed.  The machine quilting will be interesting since I won’t want to stitch the pockets closed.

The goal is to machine quilt & bind the Flags #2 quilt, stitch down the applique on the Loco-Motion quilt & make the purple Lincoln block – all finished by Sunday night.  I had better get busy.


Feb 16 2016

Flags and More Flags

Flags #1 quilt top was finished the middle of last week

021616  (1007x1024)

and Flags #2 quilt top was finished yesterday.  Both tops measure 61″ square.

021616A (1000x1024)

I made myself a few rules for these quilts –

  1.  Use all the flag blocks as is with no ripping out or resewing.  Done even though several of the blocks were extremely lopsided.
  2. Use stash fabric.  All the fabric came from the stash I inherited from my Mom.
  3. Incorporate the panel of patriotic bears.  I think that they add an extra unexpected touch to the quilts.
  4. Use the spools of red, white and blue thread for machine quilting.  I machine quilted Flags #1 this weekend.  When I was finished there was 12″ of the variegated thread left on the spool.  It is a good thing that I have another spool of red, white & blue to use for Flags #2.

The binding is almost completed for Flags #1 and the backing has been located and washed for Flags #2.  I have made some decisions regarding the Lincoln quilt, but I need to stay focused for a day or two more to finish up the Flag quilts.

Isn’t it a great feeling to have a completed quilt?


Jan 15 2016

Friday Update

It is always a challenge to juggle several projects at once, but I have made some progress in the last couple of days.  The small wallhanging that will be my first hand-quilting project is completed.

011516  (808x1024)

As you may notice one of the bowties is leaning in the wrong direction and all the 4-patches were made with matching fabric.  I tried and tried to tell myself that it was okay with the incorrect pieces since I would be learning hand-quilting on it – but I knew that didn’t matter.  So I took out the borders and mixed up the 4-patches along with getting the bowties corrected.

011516B (797x1024)Maybe no one else would ever really notice, but I would have always regretted that I didn’t correct it when I had the chance.  Now I need to find some backing & batting and I will be all ready for my lesson.

I also finished all the embroidery on the small wool applique hanging.

011516A (865x1024)

Since I used to do cross-stitch I have a bunch of floss, so it seemed like a good idea to use what I had instead of buying new.  When I do the wool applique I use two strands of DMC thread, but I wanted the vines and leaves to really stand out so I used four strands of floss.  The pattern also had embroidery for the flowers which I changed to a smaller wool applique flower.  I now have this top in a sandwich and am getting ready to quilt it.

The Dancing 4-Patches top is also a quilt sandwich.  I have been considering several quilting motifs and plan to start it this weekend.

The decision has been made regarding the new leader/ender project.  It will be Urban Cabin by Atkinson Designs.  I have a small bin full of patterns, so one of the items on my 2016 quilting list was to make a quilt using one of those patterns.

I don’t have any cleaning elves living at my household, so I had better get busy so I have time to quilt.  Hope everyone finds some time to quilt this weekend.


Jan 09 2016

First Finish of 2016

The leader/ender from 2015 is now a quilt top.

010916 (920x1024)

It measures 54″ x 61″ which is my preferred size for a charity quilt.  I think the bulls-eye blocks add a bit of interest and movement to the quilt.  I hope to machine quilt this top sooner rather than later, but first I need to finish the wool flowers & embroidery on the Friends are Flowers wallhanging and piece a small sampler quilt for the hand quilting lesson later this month.

I also need to decide on a new leader/ender project – decisions, decisions.  Hope everyone is staying warm and finding some time to quilt.


Dec 18 2015

Star of Yesterday

Last night I finished stitching the last leaf on Star of Yesterday.

121815 (1020x1024)Here is a picture of the quilt on the cover of the directions.

121815B (1024x735)

I am very pleased with the color design changes that I made to this quilt.  It feels great to get another item marked off of my end of year to-do list, especially since Strip Ribbons hit a snag.

121815A (1024x1024)I don’t like the darker brown sashing that I used in the top three rows.  It was one of those things where I wasn’t sure about it, but once I put in the horizontal sashing between rows one and two – no way.  Now I will be best friends with my seam ripper.  It is such a pain, but I will never be happy unless I fix it.

After thinking about it overnight, I have decided to use the block background fabric for the sashing.  That way the colored strips will look like they are floating on top.

Time to settle back on the couch with a good movie and my seam ripper.


Dec 09 2015

Bluegrass Frogs Quilt Top Completed

Yeah! – The Bluegrass Frogs quilt top was finished yesterday at 6pm.  The plan is to make the quilt sandwich on Friday and start machine quilting this weekend.  But what about Wednesday and Thursday?

120915 (933x1024)Well, today was spent visiting with youngest grandson

120915A (576x1024)and tomorrow I will be babysitting my youngest granddaughter (7 months old).  She can’t crawl yet, but she could wiggly around enough to inspect the legs of the coffee table.

120915B (680x1024)So Wednesday and Thursday are no-sew days, but very satisfying to the heart and soul.

I have a piece of black & green fabric with large bugs from IKEA that will be the backing for the Bluegrass Frogs quilt.  It would be great to finish out the year with a couple more completed quilts.


Nov 10 2015

Scrappy Something

Yeah!  The Scrappy Something quilt top is completed.

111015  (881x1024)It was a bit of a chore to finish up this top, but I stuck with it and now it is done – for now.  I will worry about the quilting at a later date.

Next up are some smaller projects – a couple of pillowcases to go with my Tumbler quilt and Mini-Lotus by Jaybird Quilts.  I have also decided on Bluegrass Frogs from Quiltmaker Sep/Oct 2005 as my next leader/ender project.  I am not sure if it technically qualifies as a UFO since the project box just contains fabric and the pattern, but this quilt has waited long enough.

I also plan to machine quilt another top, then resume working on a star quilt.