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Scrappy Trip Around the World

I have been feeling like a quilty ping pong ball  bouncing from one project to another without end.  So I had a serious talk with myself – “Self, you need to stop bouncing around and finish some of the projects that you have started”.  It seems to have helped because I feel more settled and ready to focus on endings, not just beginnings.

The first project to be completed to the quilt top stage is the Scrappy Trip Around the World (directions by the wonderful Bonnie Hunter).

040213    (764x1024)The setting for this quilt is 5 x 6 with a narrow inner border so the final measurements will be 60ish” x 72ish”.   This is the third quilt that I have made using this pattern, but the first with no outer border.  I have decided that I prefer the outer border to corral all the colors, so this will be one of a kind.

When this quilt top is finished I will be machine quilting Hot Flashes for a birthday present and piecing Autumn Rings n’ Things.

I hope that I can continue with this mind set, but it will be sorely tested next month at the Denver Quilt Show.  I always want to start 5 or 20 new projects after the show.

Happy Wednesday to everyone.


Clue 5 and String Blocks

Bonnie said that the clues would be easy during the holidays and she delivered.  I had time on Friday morning to cut out the turquoise squares, so I finished the blocks Friday evening – a record for me.

My box of Easy Street parts is getting full!

Saturday and Sunday was spent making 24 string blocks.  String blocks are a bit messy, but very satisfying to use up all those little bits.

Where are all those string blocks going?  They are being sewn into my version of Daylilies from Bonnie Hunter’s book String Fling.

My version uses 12″ dresden plate blocks (gifted to me) instead of 14″ daylilies –

but I think it has the same “feel”.  I hope to have these blocks sewn together today, then it will be on to the borders.

Check out Easy Street Link-Up at Quiltville and Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times to see what other quilters are working on.

Happy Holidays,


Can you believe your eyes?

This is my clean cutting table!  I had to take a picture of it because this only happens maybe once a year.  Never fear – it will be covered in fabric soon.

Saturday was quilt guild meeting and August was my month for set-up, refreshments and clean-up.  It is a lot of work, but I am done for the year.  So what did I sew at quilt guild?

Twelve Lazy Eyes blocks from Strip Therapy 2 by Brenda Henning.  It is a perfect project for your 2 1/2″ and 1 1/2″ strips.  I plan on making 12 – 15 blocks every month at quilt guild so by the beginning of next year there should be enough for the quilt top.

When I finished the blocks, I sewed the borders on my musical nine patch quilt top.

Doesn’t it just make you smile?

My plan for August is machine quilting.  I am hoping to get at least three tops quilted, bound and finished.


Playing with leftovers

With the leftovers from the alphabet quilt blocks, I made nine patches leader and ender style.

I have enough 2 1/2″ squares cut to make five more blocks.  My first thought was that some Dr Seuss fabric would be great as the alternate square –

but as soon as I placed a nine patch on the fabric, I knew that it wouldn’t work – too much white.  The picture really shows how the black fabric makes the colors pop.  There isn’t enough of this black fabric to use in the quilt, so I found a black with white musical notes and colored instruments in my stash.

I really enjoy making a second quilt with the leftover fabric from the first one.  It makes me feel like I am getting a second quilt for free.  If you enjoy working with the colors the first time around, why not repeat the fun?


Challenge Quilt 2012 – Finished

Here is the finished quilt.  I am glad that it is finally completed because I am ready to move on to a new project.  I wonder what the ladies at the quilt guild will say!

The plan for the rest of the month is machine quilting at least two more quilt tops, however my bobbin winder for the HQ Sweet 16 just quit.  I wound one bobbin without any problems, but when I went to wind the second bobbin the silly machine won’t even start – and yes, it is plugged in.  I guess that I will find out how serious it is tomorrow when I can call the shop for help.  If all else fails, I think Lucy will let me wind some bobbins on her winder.


Challenge Quilt 2012 – Progress Update

Here is the finished quilt top for the Challenge Quilt 2012.

My best estimate is that there were 200 fabric squares in the baggy.  The quilt top measures 59 1/2″ square with approximately 180 squares.  The remaining 20 were pieced into the backing.

Here is a close-up so that you can see some of the variety of fabrics with which I had to work.Four or five years ago our quilt guild had an ugly fabric quilt challenge.  I participated but – to be honest – I didn’t give it my best effort.  I think that this quilt is an attempt to compensate for the lack luster quality of the earlier challenge quilt.  This is a quilt that I will be proud to show the guild members during our April meeting.

I will be starting the machine quilting this afternoon.  After much consideration I have decided to stitch in the ditch with monifiliment thread to emphasize the sho-fly blocks.  There will be one final picture of the finished quilt next weekend.


Challenge Quilt 2012 Update

I have been working on the Challenge Quilt 2012.  I thought that I had the blocks for the middle of the quilt finished, but as the photograph shows I still need one more block.

Can you see my mistake?  Far right, third row down should be a black shoo fly block instead of a colored shoo fly block.  Oh well, back to the sewing machine.

I had two guidelines starting this project – add only one other fabric (the black background) and use all the squares from the baggie on the quilt front.  The January 15th post shows a picture of the fabric squares.  I have used about half of the fabric squares so far, but the ones that are left are multi-colored fabric which will make for an interesting pieced border.

All in all, I am happy with the color changes through the quilt top.   Some of the changes are not quite as smooth as I would wish, but they are the best I could do with the colors on hand.

First things first – fix that block.


Play with Me – Please!

The first part of January was busy making gifts – a placemat, three toddler t-shirts, a growth chart (which you can see here , and a covered journal.  When I got back from vacation and really looked at my sewing room, it looked like a fabric bomb had exploded.

So the goal for February was to impose some order on the chaos, then finish a few UFO’s that were scattered around.  But, as is so often the case, the fabric had other ideas.

First up was the fabric that was used to make the covered journal.  It would not go quietly into a baggie, but instead demanded to be made into 6 1/2″ Broken Dishes blocks.

Autumn Broken DishesI ended up with 12 Broken Dishes blocks which would make a smaller quilt that I really wanted.  The next step was to cut the main fabric into 6 1/2″ blocks so that the quilt would end up with 25 blocks in a 5 x 5 layout.  There was only enough focus fabric to cut 9 blocks.

Autumn LayoutWhat to do now?  I found some green and black check that wanted to join the party, so I framed the focus fabric and then it was on to the sashing.

If a pattern calls for sashing, but no cornerstones I will add the cornerstones.  It is easier to be sure that the blocks are lined up vertical with cornerstones than without and it doesn’t really take that much longer to sew.

Here is the finished quilt top.  It measures 48.5″ x 48.5″ before quilting and I think that it will make a nice community quilt.

So if fabric demands attention, what can you do but play?


Challenge Quilt 2012

Yesterday was quilt guild meeting.  I see most of the ladies only once a month and it is fun to catch up on news and sew.  During January’s meeting, one member offered a challenge.  She had plastic baggies filled with 4″ squares of fabric – each square different fabric.  The challenge is to make a completed quilt by June using these squares.  All the quilts will then be donated to local organizations.  How could I resist?

I don’t know exactly how many squares are in the pile, but I can tell you that it is 2 1/2″ tall.  I decided to separate all the squares into color families and make positive/negative shoo fly blocks.  Right now my plan is to have a rainbow effect starting with yellow in the top left corner.  The fabric that doesn’t play well with others will be either used for a border or on the back – we shall see.  That is the plan at the moment, but quilts have a mind of their own and I could end up somewhere totally different.

Keep sewing and remember – the tortoise won the race.