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Design Wall Monday 12-19-16

The first item on my list is done – the Four Patchwork quilt is finished.  It feels good to have a completed quilt finish for the end of the year.


So now it is back to the Rocky Mountain Bear Claw.  I have six blocks which is an interesting number to place in a quilt.  The layout that I was considering was placing a 4 patch on point and cutting the other two blocks on the diagonal for corner triangles.  Before cutting I wanted a visual look


and didn’t like it at all.  To me it looks abrupt and angular with no connection to the center.  Even though I was fairly sure that I also wouldn’t like it if I cut the extra two blocks horizontally, I tried it anyway.


And I was right.  I don’t like this any better than the first one.  So the final decision is to make a small two block runner for the coffee table and a small four block wallhanging.


All that is left to do is one block and borders.  My schedule this week has become very busy, but it should still be done by the end of the year.

This quilt top was sewn together before I made my end-of-year list.


The pattern is Lattice Quilt by Beth Donaldson.  The directions call for 3″ strips, but I used 2 1/2″ strips from my scrap bin so my top is a bit smaller.  It was easy to calculate the new sizes especially since there are only two shapes – squares and rectangles.  I think that next time I will size it up using strips from my 3 1/2″ bin.

Lattice Quilt uses a lot of partial seams, so I used my Juki with the thread cutter to put this top together.  This is a great way to use up scraps, so I plan on making more of them.

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Design Wall Monday 10-03-16

The Make It Mini Cartwheel wallhanging is finished.


The first block was made Friday night and the last stitch in the binding was completed this morning.  It makes me chuckle to realize that this wallhanging (17 1/2″ x 23 1/3″) was finished faster than I can piece one Lincoln block.

I really like the interest the small squares give to the block.  There may be a larger  Cartwheel quilt in my future.

But now it is back to the yellow Lincoln block.  I wanted to see exactly how much difference there was between the diamonds cut with the Marti Michell template and the pattern template.


That tiny 1/8th of an inch was enough to make the star blocks wonky – and not in a good way.  I am planning on having the correct star blocks on the Lincoln block by Wednesday.

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Trapunto Quilt Finished

It is difficult to get a good picture of the Scrappy Trapunto quilt, but here it is.


083116B (846x1024)

The quilt top was 57 1/2″ square, but with the trapunto, machine quilting and washing it ended at 54″ square.  It surprised me a bit with how much shrinkage there was, but that is something to remember for future quilts.

I like the soft look of the trapunto and will use this technique in other quilts.  How about some trapunto bats and ghosts on the Happy Halloween quilt?

This is my design wall – the Rocky Mountain Bear Claw by Judy Niemeyer.

083116 (1024x747)

I started this project the beginning of June and got the claw parts of the block finished.  Now it is time to get busy and sew the bear paws.  The pattern shows a table runner of 4 blocks and 2 pillows, but my plan is to make a quilt top.  I still haven’t made a firm decision on the layout.  Let’s be honest – 6 blocks is a strange number to set into a quilt unless you want a long skinny quilt which I don’t.  I have several ideas, but I will be able to make a better decision once I can play on the design wall.

Marlene Continue reading

Easy Street Finished

I was inspired by the Jo’s (at Jo’s Country Junction) UFO Challenge to machine quilt & bind my Easy Street quilt top.  The challenge is to finish UFOs made from Bonnie Hunter’s patterns before her next book comes out in September.

071316  (813x1024)

The original mystery made a queen sized quilt, but I made mine a large twin at 75″ x 96″ even though I had sewn all the parts to make the queen.  The plan is to use the leftover pieces to make some pillowcases, but I am not sure when that project will land on my list.

I used a medium gray thread for the center and machine quilted free form Baptist Fans.

071316B   (683x1024)

On the border I used a green thread and machine quilted a braided border design that I learned in one of my classes in Salt Lake City.

071316A  (683x1024)

I am very happy with the machine quilting on this quilt.  My plan was to quilt two bobbins a day, relaxing and just enjoying the whole experience instead of a mad dash to have it finished and I think that the plan worked.

Now it is back to piecing on Garden Party which is also a Bonnie Hunter design.  I hope to have this top finished by the end of the month, but this is new project not an UFO.

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Friday Finish

The last owl ornament was finished last night.

061016  (683x1024)

The owl ornaments are from Artsi2 and are approximately 5 1/4″ to 5 1/2″ tall.  All the other ornaments that I place on the wall hanger are cross stitch.  I like having something different to put there.

Today I am busy packing for a sewing weekend with my middle daughter and one of her friends, so I should have some fun stuff to share on Monday.

Happy Friday,


Sampler Finish

I took a little break from machine piecing to quilt this little sampler wallhanging.

060816  (788x1024)

This is the wallhanging that I was going to hand quilt, but I decided to machine quilt instead.  I have wanted to quilt pebbles for awhile now and the center of the Dresden plate seemed to be a perfect place for them.

060816A (1024x683)

I think that they look pretty good although I wish that I had used a solid thread color instead of a variegated one.

060816B  (1024x681)

The quilting design for the inner border is – I think – called ribbon candy which I am very pleased with.  The rest of the quilting motifs that I used are okay, but need more practice.  I know – I am my own worst critic!

I have been invited to a sewing retreat this weekend with my middle daughter and her friend, so I have been busy deciding on projects to take and getting them ready.  There was time this week to get the middle section on the green Lincoln block done.  I will have a picture of that next week.

Happy Sewing,


Recycled Shirt Charity Quilt Finished

The charity quilt made from recycled shirts is finished – backing, binding and all.

043016  (804x1024)

The four solid squares are the shirt pockets.  How much fun will a child have hiding treasures there?  I considered adding a border to the quilt top to make it a bit bigger, however the batting scrap I found was the right size as is.

There are now five charity quilts to donate.  For the next several months I plan to work on quilts for me.  Next up will be Meteor Showers.  It was placed on my design wall a year or so ago and came right back down.  Now it is back up again until it is finished.

Happy weekend,


A Finished Quilt

The hand stitching of the binding & sleeve on Bluegrass Frogs is completed.

041516 (931x1024)

It is always a great feeling to have a finished quilt.  This is a good pattern to showcase some fun fabric.

041516A (683x1024)

I used some IKEA fabric for the backing.  The big green bugs are a perfect match for the front.

041516B (908x1024)

There are a couple more IKEA prints in my stash for backings, but I don’t plan on buying any more.  I love the big motifs, but the fabric is woven so tightly that it is hard on my fingers to hand stitch the binding.

The next quilt top to be machined quilt will be Easy Street by Bonnie Hunter.  There are a couple of things in the works, so it will probably be the middle of May before I can start on it.

Happy Quilting,


Flags #2

I finished the binding on Flags #2 today.

031716  (1024x1008)

I found three more panels of the patriotic bears and used them for the backing.

031716A   (1019x1024)

It feels good to have both of the flag quilts finished and ready to go to a new home.  Now it is time to concentrate on stitching down the applique on the Loco-Motion quilt top.

Happy Friday,


Friday Update

Yeah!  Flags #1 is done.

021916  (989x1024)

There were two extra bears that found a home on the back of the quilt.021916A  (1024x1024)

The plan was to make a quilt sandwich for Flags #2 today, but it didn’t happen.  I think that I will have time to do that on Sunday afternoon.

The inside of my head feels like a pinball game – I have so many different ideas bouncing around.  I need to make decisions for the Lincoln quilt, layout for a pieced Dresden plate quilt and changes to Black, White & Bright (American Patchwork & Quilting June 2015).  Somehow it will all work out, it always does.