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Design Wall Monday 12-05-16

The One Block Wonder is finally finished.  The last border was attached on Saturday.


I think that I am mostly satisfied with it, however I keep wondering if I should have done something different with the border.  This is it though – I am not going change a thing.  The top measures 68 1/2″ x 77″, so it turned out a bit larger than I originally thought.

Yesterday and today was spent cleaning up and organizing before I pull out the Rocky Mountain Bear Claw for finishing.

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Design Wall Monday 11-14-16

It is a bigger project to design a One Block Wonder than I thought.  I was going to record the progress with a picture once a day, but that didn’t happen.  I would rearrange the blocks one day and then stare at the design wall for two days then repeat.  This is what I started with last week.


Over the weekend I decided that I liked the middle part, so I moved that section to the upper left hand of the design wall and started adding/moving/removing blocks.  After spending several hours designing today, I think that it is getting close to done.


This is fairly close to the final design – just a little tweaking here and there before it is sewn together.  Tomorrow is granddaughter day, so on Wednesday I am just going to call this good and start sewing the rows together.

In between designing the OBW, I have also been sewing blocks for the Four Patchwork quilt top.


There are three blocks left to sew – the plan is to have this finished by the end of the week.

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Design Wall Monday 11-07-16


All the large and medium squares have been sewn into blocks and the first four rows are complete.  The remaining three rows will take longer since they will include blocks made with the smallest squares.  I think that I will add an inner and outer border to make it a bit larger.

All of these squares were sewn as leaders/enders while working on the hexagons for my One Block Wonder.  I really need to come up with a better name for this quilt top.


Anyway all the hexagon blocks have been sewn (the stack is 8″ tall), so now it is time to start the design process.  I didn’t count how many blocks there actually are, but my best guess is somewhere between 125 – 140.

I also managed to find time over the weekend to sew the remaining 20 string blocks for Wild Child by Bonnie Hunter.


Next up will be string blocks for Zuckerwatte.  It has been great to have a machine set up just for string blocks without having to clean everything up to sew on something different.  I also like the idea of having several quilt projects cut out and ready for sewing as leaders/enders.

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Design Wall Monday 10-31-16

I spent the first part of last week organizing and cleaning my cutting table.  On Friday I started on a red Lincoln block and got all the checkerboard parts finished.


Saturday morning I sewed the corner star units and by dinner time I had a completed Lincoln block.


It usually takes me 3 or 4 days to make one block, so this is a new record for me.  I now have 8 completed Lincoln blocks with 5 more to make.  The plan is to make two more this year – a dark green and a gray/black – and then finish the quilt top by May 2017.

Oh, you wanted proof that my cutting table was clean?  Here it is –


I won’t talk about the Handiquilter table however.  As you can see the next project is a One Block Wonder using some Laurel Burch horse fabric.  This is another quilt that has been on my list for years and now it is time.  It is easy cutting & sewing and so fun to see the blocks come together – each one is a new surprise.  There should be enough of them to show in a couple of days.

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Happy Halloween


Design Wall Monday 10-24-16

All the details on the appliques along with part of the cornerstones/sashing units were completed on Friday, so Saturday morning started out with Happy Halloween looking like this on my design wall.


Once the details were added, Mr Mummy moved to the top of my list of favorites.  Of course he will look even better once his eyes are sewn on which will happen after the machine quilting.


By Sunday afternoon I had a completed quilt top (56 1/2″ x 66 1/2″) – YEAH!


I had serious thoughts about replacing the outer border with something brighter and Halloweenish, however I  eventually decided to use the fabric provided in the kit.  The focus needs to be on the characters in the center of the quilt and I didn’t want anything distracting from that.

So the top was finished in time for Halloween – maybe I will have it machine quilted in time for Halloween 2017.

After all this applique, I am ready for some machine piecing and a red Lincoln block is next on the list.  However last week I did manage to finish up all the string blocks needed for another quilt.

102416c-1024x627 These strings will be for Bonnie Hunter’s Daylilies except I will use Dresden Plates and a 3 x 3 setting.  Right now I making 80 – 4 1/2″ string blocks for Wild Child.  I like the idea of having all these parts ready to put together in a quilt.

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Design Wall Monday 10-17-16

Even though it was a busy weekend, I managed to make more progress on my Happy Halloween quilt than I thought I would.


All of the button hole stitching on the appliques was completed on Saturday and on Sunday I added the details on five blocks.  It really adds a lot of personality to each character.


I can’t decide if the bat is insane or just drunk.


It is not my fault – and I wasn’t drunk – but it was difficult to see the guidelines from the pattern through the black even with a light box.  Hopefully I will have all the details finished by the end of the week.

There was also some sewing on string blocks.  I finished 32 of the 5 1/2″ string blocks, cut them on the diagonal and depapered them.


These will be used in Bonnie Hunter’s pattern Charlotte’s Baskets, although I think that I will be substituting a different 6″ block for the baskets.  I am considering the churn dash block or maybe a star block.  Whatever –  the quilt should come together quickly since all the string triangles are ready.

I am still in the mood to play with strings, so I started in on 6 1/2″ blocks.


Right now I am thinking of using these in Bonnie Hunter’s Daylilies pattern.  The Daylily block in her pattern measures 14″ square, but I plan on using a 12″ Dresden Plate block and a 3 x 4 setting.  This will be like the quilt Broken Dresden Plates I made in 2012.  There are still a bunch of the Dresden Plates that were gifted to me that need a home.

I am also working on a very special handwork project in the evenings.  While on vacation in England, my daughter bought me this cross stitch project as a belated birthday gift.


We found it in Salisbury which is the town by Stonehenge.  Once finished it will be another wonderful reminder of the great time we had on our trip.  I think that I have enough projects to keep me out of trouble for a little while.

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Design Wall Monday 08-01-16

Today is actually a design floor instead of a design wall.

080116   (1024x683)

My plan bit the dust and I didn’t get the top completed on Sunday like I had planned.  However I did get the center together and one inner border on.  I trimmed one side then added the inner border and repeat three times.

080116A  (683x1024)

Hopefully the quilt top will be finished tomorrow.  I know that I have said this before, but I am always amazed how long it takes to sew on borders.

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Design Wall Monday 07-25-16

I have a plan to finish Garden Party by the end of the month.  Last Saturday through Wednesday I would piece 15 blocks/triangles a day, Thursday & Friday sew all the blocks together, and Saturday & Sunday put the borders on.  Nice, simple plan – now to see if I can do it.

There are 27 triangles and 3 green blocks left to make, so this part is on track.  However I will have a granddaughter staying Tuesday night and going back home on Wednesday.  This could be a bit tricky, but we will see how it goes.  Anyway here is Garden Party – I like how this is looking.

072516  (884x1024)

As you can see it is already longer than my design wall.  I think that I have found the fabric for the inner and outer border, but that decision will be made once the center is all together.

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Design Wall Monday 07-11-16

071116 (980x1024)

Most of last week was spent machine quilting Easy Street, so little progress was made on Garden Party.  I would really like to have this top finished by the end of the month, so I had better get busy.  There are 57 blocks on the design wall which means the center is 1/4 done.

I find it very interesting how the look of the quilt changes with each added color round.

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Design Wall Monday 07-04-16

Happy 4th of July,

The Garden Party blocks are on my main design wall.  The purple blocks are completed and I have just started the blue blocks.

070416   (907x1024)

The color of the cross in the middle of the block is how I designate each round.  So there will be 24 purple blocks, 32 blue blocks and 16 green blocks (top & bottom row of 8 each) to complete the top.  I have been making the alternate blocks as leader/enders.

I really like the look of blocks in a diagonal setting, but I really don’t like sewing those long diagonal rows together.  I am sewing center blocks together so that it won’t be such a big chore at the end.

This project is on one of my smaller design walls:

070416A   (1011x1024)

The center is a pre-printed mini wholecloth panel that I bought to practice trapunto.

070416B  (1024x980)

The quarter log cabin blocks were an earlier leader/ender project and will make a great border for the panel.

My largest design wall has the Lincoln quilt on it.

062216  (1024x713)The color of the month from soscrappy is hot pink with green accent.  Since I already have both a green & pink block, I am going skip this month and wait for August.  There are so many projects around my quilting room – and I don’t want any of them to end up as UFOs – that I need to wrangle them under control.

Besides the Garden Party alternate blocks and quarter log cabin blocks as leader/enders, I also have a pile of triangles from Oriental Twinkle Star that are being pieced into broken dishes blocks and the paper pieced bear claw blocks sitting around.

Also I started machine quilting Easy Street on Saturday with Baptist Fans.  Hopefully the top will be finished by the middle of the week.  It is a large twin at 75″ x 96″ and the quilting is going well, but slow.  I use two bobbins a day and then quit machine quilting to work on other quilty stuff.

Well, that is all the chaos and confusion in my sewing room.  To check out all sorts of inspiration, stop by Judy’s Design Wall Monday.