Sep 05 2016

Design Wall Monday 09-05-16

I finished the fourth sunflower block yesterday.

090516 (1024x470)

The first block is all embroidery, the second is 1/3 embroidery & 2/3 bias tape, the third is 1/3 stain glass & 2/3 bias tape and the fourth is all stain glass.  The blocks turned out just the way that I had envisioned – so happy when that happens!

My initial idea was to place the blocks with an Attic Windows layout.  I auditioned green and brown fabric, but once I saw them on the wall I knew that wouldn’t work.

090516A (1024x513)

Right now Plan B is to frame each block with a thin black border then add sashing.  The border will be a bit tricky since I only have one yard – why didn’t I buy more?  Oh well, I will just have to come up with an interesting design detail to make it all work.

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Happy Labor Day,


Aug 31 2016

Trapunto Quilt Finished

It is difficult to get a good picture of the Scrappy Trapunto quilt, but here it is.


083116B (846x1024)

The quilt top was 57 1/2″ square, but with the trapunto, machine quilting and washing it ended at 54″ square.  It surprised me a bit with how much shrinkage there was, but that is something to remember for future quilts.

I like the soft look of the trapunto and will use this technique in other quilts.  How about some trapunto bats and ghosts on the Happy Halloween quilt?

This is my design wall – the Rocky Mountain Bear Claw by Judy Niemeyer.

083116 (1024x747)

I started this project the beginning of June and got the claw parts of the block finished.  Now it is time to get busy and sew the bear paws.  The pattern shows a table runner of 4 blocks and 2 pillows, but my plan is to make a quilt top.  I still haven’t made a firm decision on the layout.  Let’s be honest – 6 blocks is a strange number to set into a quilt unless you want a long skinny quilt which I don’t.  I have several ideas, but I will be able to make a better decision once I can play on the design wall.

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Aug 23 2016

Tuesday Update

All my plans for yesterday were derailed by this cutie.

082316   (1024x683)

She helped me unload the dishwasher, but she is too mobile & too curious to play in the sewing room.  I did however find enough time to finish the embroidery for a Sunflower quilt.  Next to it is the sunflower fabric for the border.

082316B  (1024x743)

I had the idea for this wallhanging years ago and this is the year to get it done.  The biggest problem that I had with starting this quilt was the background – none of the yellow fabric I had were right.  In a light bulb moment I realized that a solid fabric would be better for the background than a batik.  I decided on this Moda solid named – of course – sunflower.  It blends better than it looks in the picture.

The machine quilting on the Scrappy Trapunto was a disaster on Saturday.  I thought that it would work better to use the BSR foot on my Bernina, but it would stitch a couple of inches then not pick up the bottom thread.  What I realized after rethreading my machine and changing the needle was that the laser on the bottom of the BSR foot had trouble with the higher trapunto side of the design, so Saturday night was spent picking out stitches.  Sunday I moved to my Handi-quilter and that solved the problem.

082316A  (1024x683)

I wanted just a slight puff for the trapunto and am very happy with the results.  This is definitely a technique that I will use again.  It is also great practice for using a ruler with a sit-down machine.

The plan is to finish the machine quilting this week.  The center is slow going, but the rest of the quilt will be faster.


Aug 17 2016

Quilting Update

There has been a lot of grandchildren time and a little bit of sewing time since my last post.  On August 6th, we (brother, son, grandson and I) had lunch on the Royal Gorge Lunch train.  We called it our Decade Lunch because the only people invited had a decade birthday this year – 60, 50, 40 and 10.  It was a beautiful day for a train ride and we had a wonderful time celebrating birthdays in a special way.

081716  (1024x683)

One of the goals on my 2016 list was making a bag.  Bags, totes and purses are really not my thing, but I had bought this pattern years ago and decided now was the time to get ‘er done.

081716A  (1024x683)

I really don’t know why it took me so long to actually sew the bag because it went together very quickly.  I have two more of the magnetic snaps that the pattern uses, so I am thinking that they will make great gifts.  It was lucky that this was a fast project, because the next several days were spent tending to grandchildren.

Once my babysitting duties were completed and kisses & hugs collected, I was ready to sit down in front of my sewing machine.  In a couple of days I finished a scrappy quilt top for a test run of trapunto.

081716B   (1024x1019)

The center medallion is a pre-printed mini wholecloth that has been in my stash for years.  It is so satisfying to finally use fabric/patterns that have been collecting dust, isn’t it?  I think that is the satisfaction of knowing that you finally found the right project for the fabric.

One of my favorite parts of this quilt top is the borders.  I like the look of the fabric wrapping around the corner on both the inner and outer border.  081716C  (952x1024)

Last night I stitched down the trapunto batting and then started the hardest part – cutting the batting away.

081716D  (1024x683)

It is going to be fun to see how this turns out.  I am hoping to get the quilt sandwich put together tomorrow and then start the machine quilting.  There are other projects sitting around calling my name, but this one was yelling the loudest.


Aug 03 2016

Garden Party Finish

Garden Party quilt top is complete!

080316  (885x1024)

The finished size is 72″ x 86 1/2″ and I am very pleased with the results.

080316A (683x1024)

The white in all the pictures looks like a solid white instead of the white with black flecks that it really is.  It makes me think of vanilla ice cream with vanilla beans.  This is also my favorite block with the blue car fabric.  My Dad sold used cars during his retirement and I am sure that my Mom bought this fabric to make him a shirt.  There are only a few scraps left from this yardage, but I think of Mom & Dad every time is see it.

I was planning on doing another Lincoln block as my next project, but I haven’t quite decided on what color it will be.  Any suggestions?


Aug 01 2016

Design Wall Monday 08-01-16

Today is actually a design floor instead of a design wall.

080116   (1024x683)

My plan bit the dust and I didn’t get the top completed on Sunday like I had planned.  However I did get the center together and one inner border on.  I trimmed one side then added the inner border and repeat three times.

080116A  (683x1024)

Hopefully the quilt top will be finished tomorrow.  I know that I have said this before, but I am always amazed how long it takes to sew on borders.

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Jul 25 2016

Design Wall Monday 07-25-16

I have a plan to finish Garden Party by the end of the month.  Last Saturday through Wednesday I would piece 15 blocks/triangles a day, Thursday & Friday sew all the blocks together, and Saturday & Sunday put the borders on.  Nice, simple plan – now to see if I can do it.

There are 27 triangles and 3 green blocks left to make, so this part is on track.  However I will have a granddaughter staying Tuesday night and going back home on Wednesday.  This could be a bit tricky, but we will see how it goes.  Anyway here is Garden Party – I like how this is looking.

072516  (884x1024)

As you can see it is already longer than my design wall.  I think that I have found the fabric for the inner and outer border, but that decision will be made once the center is all together.

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Jul 19 2016

Garden Party Update

I have been making good progress on my Garden Party.

071916  (985x1024)

Almost half of the blue blocks are finished and yes – those are setting triangles marking the right side of the quilt.  Once I finish the round of blue blocks, there will be a row of green block top & bottom.

I am following Julie’s tutorial for piecing the quilt top together in sections.  The middle section of 49 blocks is already sewn together and now I am working on the upper left hand corner.  I think that this is going to be a great way to piece a diagonal setting without worrying about all those long center rows.  Thanks for the tip, Julie!


Jul 13 2016

Easy Street Finished

I was inspired by the Jo’s (at Jo’s Country Junction) UFO Challenge to machine quilt & bind my Easy Street quilt top.  The challenge is to finish UFOs made from Bonnie Hunter’s patterns before her next book comes out in September.

071316  (813x1024)

The original mystery made a queen sized quilt, but I made mine a large twin at 75″ x 96″ even though I had sewn all the parts to make the queen.  The plan is to use the leftover pieces to make some pillowcases, but I am not sure when that project will land on my list.

I used a medium gray thread for the center and machine quilted free form Baptist Fans.

071316B   (683x1024)

On the border I used a green thread and machine quilted a braided border design that I learned in one of my classes in Salt Lake City.

071316A  (683x1024)

I am very happy with the machine quilting on this quilt.  My plan was to quilt two bobbins a day, relaxing and just enjoying the whole experience instead of a mad dash to have it finished and I think that the plan worked.

Now it is back to piecing on Garden Party which is also a Bonnie Hunter design.  I hope to have this top finished by the end of the month, but this is new project not an UFO.

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Jul 11 2016

Design Wall Monday 07-11-16

071116 (980x1024)

Most of last week was spent machine quilting Easy Street, so little progress was made on Garden Party.  I would really like to have this top finished by the end of the month, so I had better get busy.  There are 57 blocks on the design wall which means the center is 1/4 done.

I find it very interesting how the look of the quilt changes with each added color round.

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