Feb 22 2017

Quilt Finish

Delectable Mountains is another top that was pieced before 2008 and is now a completed quilt.

This top was made with Eleanor Burn’s template & directions and measures 49 3/4″ square.  I used monofilament thread and a meander pattern to quilt the top.

It feels good to finally get some of the older tops quilted.  It is fun to look at them now to appreciate the journey to the quilter that I am right now.


Feb 17 2017

Whoos-It Wallhanging

Judy at Patchwork Times was working on a deer quilt during her January Quiltathon.  When I saw the picture of her quilt, I realized that I also had a pattern from the same designer Majorie Rhine except mine was owls.  I had too many other projects going in January, but I had time this week and started on it.

I bought the graduated fabric on the right for this project.  The plan is to make the wallhanging size with narrower borders so that it will fit on my hanger upstairs.  The directions are for a wallhanging size of 27″ x 28″ with three borders, but wallhanging will be around 20″ x 22″.

The buttonhole stitching around the owls is completed and now I need to add the eyes.  Hopefully I will have this top finished this weekend.


Feb 13 2017

Design Wall Monday 02-13-17

It was a productive weekend and I got several small projects completed.  First was the quilting and binding of the small wallhanging Lakeside Retreat (19″ x 17 1/2″).  This is a Cynthia England kit that was pieced before 2008 (in 2008 I started numbering and keeping a spreadsheet of my quilt tops).

After making this wallhanging, I really have an appreciation for the amount of time and skill Cynthia puts into her larger quilts.  It was a good experience for me to make this quilt, however I don’t plan on doing another.

I also made two pillowcases using My Little Ponies fabric that I found on the clearance rack.

Won’t they make a great gift to one of my granddaughters?

So now to my design wall – I haven’t posted a picture recently of Charlotte’s Baskets, so here it is.

Since this is my leader/ender project the progress is of the slow and steady kind.  I cut out the pieces for the reaming seven baskets over the weekend and am looking forward to more completed blocks.

I also have another top to be machine quilted this week along with a setting triangle for the Lincoln quilt.

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Feb 10 2017

New York Beauty

With only a bit of fussy cutting, the final border on New York Beauty went on with no problems.  I think that the additional border was the right decision and am very pleased with the final result.  It looks a bit like a tiled floor, doesn’t it?

Now that this quilt top is finished it is back to machine quilting.  I have a small wallhanging to finish this weekend along with a pillowcase for a Valentine’s Day present.


Feb 06 2017

Design Wall Monday 02-06-17

Some projects are just fight every step of the way and the border on the New York Beauty was one such struggle.  The only way I got anything done was sheer stubbornness.  The suggestion from the directions was to make a paper piecing pattern, so I started with that.  The paper needed to be 5″ x 42″ with 28 triangles which is a difficult length to maneuver through the sewing machine.  It didn’t help that the first time I forgot to add seam allowances on the four sides until after I had sewn on three triangles.  So start again with a new and correct paper pattern.

Paper piecing on the second pattern I sewed the second triangle on upside down, ripped it out and resewed it correctly, then sewed the third triangle so that it was short of the top.  Now it was time for Plan C.  So back to the drawing board to make a plastic triangle template and individually cut out all the pieces needed for the borders.

In addition to the paper problems, I also needed to get creative since there wasn’t a lot of extra medium gray and dark gray fabric.  In fact I ended up piecing the fabric to be able to cut out three of the dark gray triangles.

Next came the battle of the cornerstones.  At first I thought that cutting one of the extra circles into fourths would be the ticket.  I like how the cornerstones make a curved corner, but the black background was too jarring.

I decided instead to extend the tan squares into the border with the same background as the triangles.

Much better!

The new cornerstones are just what was needed, but that isn’t the end of the story.  While I was sewing on the right side border, I ran out of bobbin thread.  Winding the bobbin used all the dark gray thread on the cone and there was no more dark gray thread to be found.  That’s right – a trip to Jo-Ann’s for thread was on the list of errands for today.

Right now the New York Beauty is completed – at least according to the directions.  I have a coordinating print from this fabric line that will be used as a final border.  The background is black, so I want to see if the first cornerstones will work for this border.

However I am done fighting the quilt today, so it will probably be Wednesday before I will find time to sew on the outer border.   Hope that it goes smoother than the pieced middle border did.

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Feb 02 2017

Seahorse in Seaweed

Seahorse in Seaweed is my fourth quilt finish for 2017.  That was a fun sentence to write!

This was a fun project to quilt, but I am glad that it is finished.  Before I start on the next machine quilting project, I would like to get the pieced borders on New York Beauty.  There were some difficulties yesterday, but today everything is going better.  More on that once the borders are done.


Feb 01 2017

Butterfly Quilt Finished

The last of the binding was stitched down yesterday on the Butterfly quilt.  Presley practiced her counting of the binder clips while I was sewing.  Well actually I counted to three over and over and she would touch different clips each time.  She has to start somewhere, doesn’t she?

I find it interesting to see how much a quilt top shrinks due to the quilting – this one lost 1 1/2″ on both width and length.  The finished size is 50 1/2″ x 67″ and the quilt top was 52″ x 68 3/4″.

The Butterfly quilt is one of the first tops that was posted when I started my blog in 2012.  It feels great to have this top become a completed quilt.

Yesterday I also hand stitched the binding on the Seahorse in Seaweed quilt with only the sleeve left to do.  Hopefully it will be done tomorrow.


Jan 30 2017

Design Wall Monday 01-30-17

Although machine quilting is taking most of my sewing time, I did manage to get the first border on New York Beauty yesterday.  I think that the borders will jazz up this quilt.

Next is a pieced middle border of triangles, then an outer border of a coordinating fabric.  I hope to start sewing them on Wednesday.

Last week I was busy machine quilting the Butterfly quilt.  It is now completed and I am stitching down the binding in the evenings.  The Butterfly quilt top was made in 2012 and is more than ready to be a finished quilt.

Today was spent machine quilting the Seahorse in Seaweed top.  Since I took this picture, I have finished the quilting and stitched the binding.  Tomorrow is Presleyday, so I think I should have some time to do handwork.

I can tell that my machine quilting is getting smoother with each top I do.  Here is a crate of quilt tops that I want to get quilted this year.  Confession time – this isn’t all the quilt tops that I have, just a nice pile to meet my goal of 25 finished quilts this year.

I am on a roll right now with the machine quilting, but it doesn’t help that I keep finding quilts on the Internet that I want to make.  However I am resisting the impulse to start a new piecing project.

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Jan 23 2017

Design Wall Monday 01-23-17

The blocks for New York Beauty is on my design wall today.  This is another top that is pieced with a Paula Nadelstern fabric line.

Here is the pattern picture.

The blocks don’t look like much now, but I am thinking (hoping) that they will perk up when the borders are added.

Yesterday I also pulled out a top for machine quilting.  The name of the pattern for this top is Seahorse in Seaweed by Elizabeth L0nnquist and finishes at 24′ x 30″.

This quilt top was made sometime before 2008, so I think that it is really time for it to become a finished quilt.  I wanted the top to be a bit bigger, so I added an inner border on the top/bottom/right side to reflect the inner border around the seahorse and then an outer border.

Now the top measures 34″ x 41″ – not huge, but still a nice size for a baby or toddler.  And the best part is that it there will be no need to piece a backing!

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Jan 22 2017

A Lattice Quilt Finish

My second quilt finish for the year – yeah!  This is a fun scrappy pattern and I will definitely make another one or two.

I used this quilt to practice the quilting motif Jungle Riot from the Pajama Quilter’s Rethreaded DVD.  The plan is to use this same motif on the next top to be quilted.

Today I am cleaning, organizing and piecing so that I have something new for Design Wall Monday.   Tomorrow I plan to start machine quilting the next top.  I need to keep my focus and not get distracted if I am to reach my goal of 25 quilted tops this year.

Hope you are having a good weekend.